Organisational Diagnostics conducts consulting in the industrial psychology and statistical analysis knowledge fields. We also have experts focusing on the governance of information.


We specialise in organisational diagnoses to identify via quantitative and qualitative methods to instill changes in the organisation to create an effective and profitable working environment for employees and customers.

We are involved from the initiation, project management, design, deployment, statistical analysis, reporting writing, feedback, interventions and action plans.

We also specialise in Team Building exercises (eg. Belbin Team Role Expert System)


We specialise in the following information governance services:

Information Security and Privacy

  • Information Security and Privacy policy and framework design
  • Policy content development
  • Awareness strategies
  • Awareness and training content and program development
  • Information Security and Privacy training (e.g. design of induction training, group update sessions, knowledge sessions
  • Information security and privacy culture surveys

Knowledge Retention

We conduct knowledge retention assessments to aid organisations in retaining knowledge of employees. The output is used to formulate a knowledge retention strategy and programme.

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