Organisational Diagnostics conducts a wide range of surveys as listed below. Questionnaires can be customised and specific questionnaires can also be developed to your needs.

Culture Climate • Employment Equity/Diversity • Human Resource • Communication Client/Customer Satisfaction • Emotional Competency Profiler • Team Role Analysis • 360 Feedback • Trust • Information Security Culture / Awareness • Information Protection / Privacy

Culture Survey

Based on a researched cultural model, this questionnaire measures your organisation's existing and ideal culture. The questionnaire was locally developed for South African circumstances. Organisations can use this instrument for organisational development, team building, cultural change and much more.

Climate Survey

The questionnaire assesses an organisation's current state of functioning. The results will enable work groups and management to identify strong and weak dimensions in order to plan and implement actions to improve the functioning of the weaker dimensions. This survey focuses on employees' satisfaction / dissatisfaction.

Employment Equity / Diversity Survey

The questionnaire measures employees' attitudes to the implementation of affirmative action / employment equity / diversity. The results will enable the organisation's management to identify those processes that will promote employment equity and diversity as well as those that will undermine it.

Human Resource Survey

This questionnaire assesses the effectiveness of the different human resources processes as well as the value of this function to the organisation.

Communication Survey

The questionnaire determines your organisation's current state of communication. All possible communication resources, processes, obstacles, as well as intergroup contact is analysed.

Client / Customer Satisfaction Survey

The questionnaire assesses the various dimensions of customer/client service as adapted for specific markets. It determines the perceptions of employees in various departments of the services they receive/give. It also measures the customer perception of the effectiveness of the services received i.e. quality, competence, urgency, value added and customer orientation.

Knowledge Loss Indicator Survey

Knowledge loss due to workforce attrition has become a critical factor that could make organisations vulnerable in difficult economic times and during thriving economic growth periods when competition is rife. The Knowledge Loss Indicator Survey was developed to assist management in identifying the key knowledge loss risks to maintain sustained competitive advantage. The assessment tool focuses on a humanistic perspective and addresses both knowledge management and behavioural factors.

Team Role Analysis

We also assist companies with team role analysis- we are a licensed user of the Belbin team role analysis questionnaires. Various reports are available i.e. self perception profile, counselling report, team members working relationships, best team members, etc.

360° Surveys

360° surveys, such as leadership, competencies, etc can be developed to company needs.

Trust Audit

The purpose of the trust audit is to determine the trust relationship between managers and employees as well as the impact of change on this relationship.

Information Security Culture and Awareness

This survey gives organisations an indication as to whether the level of information security culture present in the organisation is acceptable or not. The results are used to identify areas of improvement that are related to specific action plans to protect information, minimise incidents and to identify the most effective awareness and communication for each area of the business.

Information Protection / Privacy

The purpose of this survey is to assess the knowledge and perception of employees to protect information and specifically personal information in line with global data privacy principles. The action plans are used to identify for example inadequate processes, training and awareness needs and business units where the data privacy principles are not implemented effectively.

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