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Organisational Diagnostics imports a software package from the USA to cover all aspects of statistical research and organisational focused research. The software package (SurveyTracker) was selected for its practical and statistical abilities. Full training and support are rendered in aspects such as survey design, interpretation of results, report writing and statistical analysis.

SurveyTracker for Windows provides you with the current best approach for survey facilitation, implementation and tracking.

The following features of the software help you complete your survey successfully in hours - not days:

Successful businesses today rely on the feedback they receive from their customers, employees and others to help them make more informed business decisions and give them a competitive edge for their products or services. SurveyTracker can help gather that feedback quickly and easily! SurveyTracker is available in several different versions, depending on the types of distribution methods. The most versatile is the SurveyTracker E-Mail / Web version.

SurveyTracker software products can be divided into the following:

1.) E-mail / Web Survey Software

SurveyTracker E-Mail/Web

Deploy surveys via Web, E-Mail, paper or disk. Collect response data, analyse results, create amazing reports.

Some of the benefits of using SurveyTracker E-Mail/Web include:

  • Faster turnaround time: Quick distribution and data retrieval methods. Ability to combine several distribution methods in one survey project.
  • Convenience of distributing surveys electronically or on paper: Via E-Mail, Web (Internet / Intranet), network, Survey-by-Disk®, or on paper.
  • Accessibility web surveys allow you to create an alternative online version of the survey that is easier to complete for the visually impaired
  • Web surveys can be hosted on your web server or auto-hosted on the SurveyTracker auto-host server
  • Ability to create multi-page online or disk surveys with Skip & Hit questions.
  • Reduced errors: No tedious, manual data entry with on line surveys. No need to manually re-type write-in comments, write-in comments can also be "coded" to allow for statistical analysis
  • Ability to create new mailing lists or import from an e-mail address book
  • Smaller budget needed for survey project: Sampling reduces the size of your audience list - no need to distribute so many surveys.
  • Custom correspondence and tracking of non-anonymous surveys (i.e. using an audience list): SurveyTracker E-mails invitations to make it easy to notify participants of the survey. Include a Web link to make it easy to send reminders and thank you messages or track who has - and who has not - responded to the survey
  • Customised data filters: Pinpoint the exact data you want to see in your report - or include an overview of all the data
  • Batch filtration for 360° Reports: Saves time by creating special filters for 360° Feedback surveys
  • Customised Reports: Select from numerous tables and graphs
  • Survey reports and Real-Time Reports: Send colourful reports to others via E-mail in Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf) format or display your reports on line
2.) Network Survey Software

SurveyTracker Network

Two concurrent users can utilise the software.

  • Additional licenses can be added
  • Users can develop and collaborate on survey projects, ensuring that the workload is completed faster and more reliably!
  • Users can selectively share their own projects with other users or user groups.
  • Users can establish sharing permissions to entire projects or they can refine permissions to specific areas such as Survey Design only, Data and Reports only, etc.
  • Account setup and management is handled within SurveyTracker by users with administrative login accounts.
  • Users can review who has which project opened and can receive notification when a user is no longer in a specific area of a project.
3.) Paper Survey Software

SurveyTracker Classic

  • Deploy surveys via paper or disk.
  • Get the same powerful analysis and reporting results as other versions.
4.) SurveyTracker Survey-by-disk® available in all SurveyTracker releases

Survey-by-disk is a survey placed on a 3.5" disk and distributed to respondents.

  • Create paperless, electronic surveys without e-mail or the Web
  • Mail a disk containing a survey that can be passed to additional respondents
  • Place the survey on a central kiosk computer for respondents to complete
  • Results are encrypted and anonymous to ensure the safety and reliability of data
  • Automatic Data Collection ensures accurate, fast results - no manual data entry required!
5.) SurveyTracker 360° Evaluation Add-On Component
  • The 360° Evaluation Add-On Component is an add-on for use with SurveyTracker software. The system automates many of the more complicated, confusing and time-consuming processes of the 360° evaluation process.
  • The 360° Evaluation systems allows the user to create a survey, add an audience list containing team leaders and team members, and then set up special evaluation teams.

After the team is established, SurveyTracker software simplifies the distribution and data collection requirements. The time and effort required to distribute the evaluation is minimized through an automated process that sends or prints surveys that are unique to each member of the team. Automated electronic data collection ensures that each response received is keyed to its position in the team structure. If you have to hand-enter or review responses, selecting the team leader and the specific respondent is quick and easy.

  • Customized reports for 360° evaluations

After data is collected, you can create reports from a pre-established format or customize your report to display the data you need. After a single report is established, you can selectively print reports for all, some, or just one team leader.

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