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Mandate Molefi

Mandate Molefi is a Human Resource Consultancy which has been providing a comprehensive service to clients since 1992. We pride ourselves in the fact that we are perceived as credible consultants by private enterprise, the public service, unions, parastatal organisations and NGO's. Over the last few years, Mandate Molefi's focus has been on introducing transformation initiatives to help meet the unique challenges in South African organisations.

Our main focus is on introducing transformation initiatives which include Personal Change, HR, Managing Change, Transformation Strategy which include Employment Equity and Managing Diversity (inter alia). Our process starts with an audit and ends with recommendations and strategic action plans. Mandate Molefi also firmly believes in working closely with clients to facilitate the transfer of skills to their project team. Mandate Molefi offers a number of workforce training programmes ranging from mentoring to women in leadership.

Contact: Nene Molefi



Tel: +27 11 728 9585
Cell: +27 82 602 1381
Fax: +27 11 278 8145

Strategic Alliance - Mandate Molefi


Strategic change and organisational transformation solutions: Facilitates, designs and implements business and public sector strategy. Enables organisations to successfully manage and enable change. Engages large and small groups of people to collectively craft and own their organisational futures utilising large scale interactive change processes such as Real Time Strategic Change and Future Search. Optimises the design and utilisation of business systems and processes. Enables organisations to attract, develop and retain their talented human through focused strategies and interventions. Assists companies to strategically navigate their way through markets, legislation, economies and trends. Facilitates and develops structured, planned yet responsive approaches to organizational transformation.

Contact: Andre de Villiers



Address: 45 Homestead Rd, Rivonia, Johannesburg, South Africa

Tel: +27 11 234 9588
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Fax: +27 11 234 9834

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