"Conducting a Survey" Workshop

Organisational Diagnostics offers a two-day workshop for anyone who is presently developing a survey, administering a survey or even thinking about doing a survey. The two-day workshop will familiarize attendees with aspects such as crucial issues about a survey, the phases of a typical survey, how to develop a measuring instrument, data collection methods, the survey feedback process, etc.

Who will benefit from this workshop?

Anyone in an organisation that is conducting, or planning to conduct, a survey, assessment, or audit.

Why you should attend?

For the opportunity to understand the role and purpose of surveys.

What to bring with you to the workshop?

Bring any survey you are presently working on and our experts will help you with any questions you may have or help you to get started.

When are workshops held?

There are no workshops currently planned. We schedule workshops according to organisational needs.

Cost of the workshop?

Contact Organisational Diagnostics.
Payment is due prior to workshop. Specific discount is given for more than two participants from a company.

Workshop contents

Workshop contents can be adapted to your organisations own needs.

1. Why use a survey to determine the effectiveness level of an organisation?

2. Crucial issues about a survey

3. The phases of a typical survey process

4. How to develop a measuring instrument (practical session)

5. Data collection and analysis phases (practical session)

6. The survey feedback process

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