SurveyTracker Training Workshop

Organisational Diagnostics offers personalised one-on-one or small group training (maximum six attendees). Each attendee will be working at his/her own computer.

The workshop follows the basic research process using SurveyTracker as the tool to complete a survey. The training provides customised instructions on the use of SurveyTracker and can centre around the attendee's specific needs, or general training.

Duration of workshop:

Two (2) days (± 09h00 - 15h00)

Content of workshop:

Day 1: How to use SurveyTracker for survey design, audience lists, distribution and data collection.

Day 2: This session covers analysis and reporting.

What to bring to the workshop:

If you have a survey you are currently working on, the trainer will help you with any questions you may have to help you get started.

A SurveyTracker workbook will be supplied to assist in the training.

When are workshops held?

Dates that suit the client and trainer are arranged (see contact details below).

Location of workshop:

Different options are possible:

Option 1: The trainer presents the workshop at the client's premises/office site (travelling and accommodation cost is for the client's account).

Option 2: Off-site training facilities can be arranged in Johannesburg. Cost is for the client's account.

Option 3: The workshop can be presented to a maximum of three (3) attendees at the premises/office site of Organisational Diagnostics in Glenvista, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Contact details:

Ellen Martins
Tel: +27 83 457 9550 E-mail:

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